Veena Vasista
  • VeenaVasistaGreetings! I am a storyteller, writer, mediator, dialogue facilitator and leadership co-navigator. Currently, I am living nomadically and working in the UK, US and Mexico.  In a twenty-year career, the vast majority in London, my work-to-date has primarily focused on embedding human rights principles into social policy.

    These days (late summer 2013), I am giving my attention to supporting social changemakers to step consciously into their/our creative power – individually and collectively. I am guided by the belief that social change, like life, is a collective creative process. I am convinced  that living together in ways which are healthier, fairer and more regenerative requires us to see and connect differently with our selves, each other and the creative process. And I work with changemakers to do just that– see and connect differently.

    I blog regularly about social change and our conscious creative power at See & Connect. For more about my background, you might want to have a quick read of My Story. In spring 2012, via a London-based political group called COMPASS, I published a think piece on leading social change from the inside-out: Our Direction is our Destination.

    When I’m not writing, mediating, facilitating etc., I enjoy cooking vegetarian food (especially family recipes from South India), traveling in Spanish-speaking countries, hiking, the performing arts, laughing until my face hurts and picnicking on riverbanks.

    I can be contacted at veena(at)


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