Augusto Cuginotti
  • I am experimenting with ways to express elegant energy in this world. Personally that means being aligned with my body practices and present with my family. After being some years in Europe, I am back in Brazil where I can re-connect with community.

    I have the privilege to work with others in a magical process: we first listen to what is becoming in the world, create spaces and opportunities and finally invite people in. If our collective ear is tuned, elegant energy flows. I call this being a learning host.

    In my exploration on how people learn together, I engaged with organizational spaces but also community schools. I guess, watching children and adults in all sorts of learning spaces, that learning is a byproduct of people becoming themselves in relationship.

    You can read what I write at Hosting Learning and reach me at augusto.cuginotti (at)


     Manifesting a second order revolution in Brazil
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