Aydin Yassemi
  • My quest is living an integrated life and dying a transformational death. Like all life forms, I have gone through many cycles of births and deaths. During my teenage years, I was born to the political side of life through the Iranian revolution of 1979 and the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88). Then the world of politics died for me, as I entered the world of scientific research at Lawrence Berkeley Lab, with the hope of finding my answers through science. I had a rebirth at the age of 21, when a loved one died and I made friends with death, which gave a new meaning to my life. At the age of 24 I tried to say farewell to the industrial world and modern life, when I started organic farming practices at our family orchard back in Iran. However, my premature back-to-nature escape died away in its infancy, as I was born to the world of human relationships. For more than 14 years I joined some friends and we tried to co-create learning spaces to change organizations and businesses for the better. Then the boundaries of all institutions faded away for me, as I became aware that all of these were mentally constructed stories to define “I”, an entity which never existed in the first place. I am being born to a new world where there is no “I” and am still a toddler, open to new possibilities.

    I can be reached at a.yassemi(at)gmail.com


    Taking the revolution inward



kurumsal reklam