A bundle of book joy is on its way!
  • In 2018 we began writing a book, bringing together the threads of insight gleaned over the past 15 years. We are still deep in the writing process, so while we appear to be in hibernation, please know that we are far from asleep, just active in a less visible way.

    We are excited to share the 3-page Introduction with you.

    If you’re keen to read more, you can get a sneak peak by joining our circle of patrons for as little as $1/month. In addition to supporting the development of the book, you’ll be able to read each chapter as we write it. Chapters 1-4 are already posted!

    A big thank you to the 66 patrons who have already joined us on this journey- from South Africa, Iran, Nigeria, Scotland, England, Canada, the United States, UAE, India, Australia, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany. It means so much to us for the book to be collectively supported in this way.


    Ren, Tana & Cristina


    April 16th, 2019 | Organization Unbound | No Comments

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