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  • archive file with heartsThis website is a static archive of Organization Unbound (2010-2020), a decade-long global inquiry into the relationship between the inner life of social purpose organizations and their outer work in the world. We hope you are enlivened by the writings, videos, and self-guided workshops it contains. Much of the core content will be migrated to the Institute for Collective Wellbeing, located in their Little Library and throughout their website (tagged as ‘Organization Unbound’).

    Although Organization Unbound is no longer an active community of practice, the learning continues to evolve in exciting new forms:

    We are grateful that our many years of learning and research will be preserved and expanded upon. If you have questions or ideas you’d like to explore, please don’t hesitate to reach out:

    Ren Nilsson:

    Tim Hartley: 

    Cristina Temmink:

    Rebecca Paradiso de Sayu, The Institute for Collective Wellbeing:


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