Jonathan Glencross
  • I joined Organization Unbound in 2011 when I found myself having too many answers and not enough questions. As a member of the core team, I helped to expand Organization Unbound’s global reach and accessibility through the creation of on-line materials, such as the social innovation from the inside out video and a series of self-guided sessions, which makes it easier for anyone – regardless of their formal role – to bring the practice of expressive change into their organization.

    My initial encounters with expressive change came through my work as a sustainability enthusiast and social entrepreneur, most notably as co-founder of a number of initiatives that have profoundly shifted the culture, curriculum and operations of McGill University toward sustainability. Some of the most noteworthy include the McGill Food Systems Project and the $3 million Sustainability Projects Fund. I have also worked directly with the expressive change content for a community food center (Canada), a social enterprise focused on women’s health (South Africa), and a support network for LGBTQ refugees (Canada).

    I can be reached at jonathan.glencross(at)


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