Josee Methot

  • I am an environmental scientist and process designer with a Master’s degree in Natural Resource Sciences from McGill University. I like to work on issues relating to food, water, ecosystem services, and ecological economics.

    I am deeply curious about how people can work together to improve this big old world of ours. I believe that positive social and ecological change hinges on our ability to find better ways of working and living together. For this reason, I tend to geek out on questions of social process – i.e., not just what is done, but how. Over the last two years, I coordinated a sustainability initiative at McGill University called Vision 2020, and immersed myself in the world of process design, strategy, and facilitation. McGill now has its first Sustainability Strategy, and I have an appetite to tinker with more systems.

    After four years in Montreal, I’m now in the process of moving back to Western Canada. Mountains here I come!

    I tweet @Josee_Methot.


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