Kiran Gulrajani
  • As the founder of CoEvolve, I enable facilitators and coach business leaders across a wide range of industries in India and some abroad. The heart is evoked and the spirit and creativity in people and organizations awakened through our signature programs- Tao of Facilitation (for the general public), Co-creative Leadership (for businesses) plus Co-evolutionary Coaching.

    An ecology of approximately 100 facilitators has organically developed and, in turn, shaped me. The essence of co-evolution is to see how giving is receiving, teaching is learning and leading is following. Learning to look at life inside-out, upside-down and backside-front to contact truth and love.

    I am deeply inspired by Lao Tsu, Ramana Maharshi, J. Krishnamurti, Byron Katie and many others as I seek to integrate the best of eastern and western wisdom into my work.

    I enjoy connecting, enabling and co-creating with emerging communities like Learning Societies, Shikshantar, Walk Out Walk On, and ChittaSangha- The Consciousness Collaborative.

    I enjoy sharing and discovering the subtle textures of reality through my writing.

    You can reach me at kiran.gulrajani(at)



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