Linda Sarvi
  • Linda SarviI grew up always highly fascinated by the world around me. I have spent my entire life moving around the world from Zambia to Namibia, Finland, England, the Philippines and Canada. Having constantly danced in between different worlds, I fell in love with the complexity and beauty of human interaction and cultural nuances from a young age. I am half-Finnish, half-Malawian but I mostly grew up in the Philippines so I feel fortunate to see life through different lenses and I am always excited to explore new experiences, ideas and people.

    I am most passionate about using storytelling as way to bridge people together and to allow people to step into other people’s shoes. That is why I currently work at Zenith Cleaning, an organization that seeks to connect people and promote self-awareness through thought-provoking cleaning activities. I hope to one day use my love for storytelling and interacting with people to create new narratives about how we can evolve and flourish as a species during this exciting time in human history.

    I can be reached at lindasarvi(at)


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