Megan Thom
  • Since the age of 12 when activism was what my cool older siblings did, I have been searching for effective ways to create change in myself and others in my community.

    From working with a spirulina farm in Burkina Faso to the Rooftop Gardens Project in Montreal and summer camp in Estonia, I am always looking for ways to integrate my passions for social and environmental change with the joy I take in playing music, being outside, being with friends and eating.

    I currently work in Victoria, BC for the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society (VIRCS) helping immigrant and refugee children and youth to succeed in Canada using the the arts as well as social and academic programming. I spend most of my days scrambling to meet the daily demands of non-profit life and occasionally getting to examine why and how I try to create change.

    I can be reached at thom.megan(at)

    ≈ Fun change = real change

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