Vanessa Reid
  • I am a seeker, systems thinker, yoga practitioner, social innovator and writer with a masters in architecture from McGill University.  I was the executive publisher of the award-winning Canadian yoga publication ascent magazine and executive director of Santropol Roulant, a non-profit founded by young people that uses innovative approaches to food, relationships, and sustainability as a catalyst for social change.

    I am very much in the questions of how we collectively evolve and transform our institutions, physical environments, paradigms – and how to access deeper levels of intelligence – to be more deeply aligned with life.

    I am currently living in Jerusalem and co-founding the Living Wholeness Institute which works to support emergent social movements and systemic transformation initiatives across the globe. I am working in the Middle East, Europe and North America collaborating with organizations, communities, movements and leaders to help hospice old systems and seed and support new ways forward. I am a steward of the translocal learning network the Berkana Exchange and founder of the Conscious Kitchen and the Studio of the Extraordinary.

    You can read more of my work on my blog Jerusalem Journals.

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