More reflections from Greece
  • To wrap up the revolution-themed month of January, Sarah Whiteley of Axladitsa shares two very personal in-the-moment accounts of the citizens movement that took place in Greece’s Syntagma Square last year. Her reflections highlight the non-linear nature of building a movement that is deeply aligned with its values and how to approach it with patience and reverence.


    Dancing the space open  

    Reprinted from the Walk Out Walk On blog, June 2011

    We were scheduled to host a World Café last night at 11pm.  We had sensed right timing the day before – both by members of the assembly core team in Syntagma and by ourselves – Maria, Anthi, Odysseas…and myself.  We were scheduled to follow a series of speeches, starting at 7.30pm, by a Panel consisting of well-respected Greek professionals offering different perspectives to a seated crowd – assembled in rows in the centre of Syntagma Square.

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    Safety nets for learning 

    Excerpted from her post on the Axladitsa ning, September 2011

    I found this great video on National Geographic: Adventure Sports: The Next Wave: Free Soloing With a Net. Its an incredible video of a young guy committed to climbing harder rock climbs without a rope – and yet wanting to stay safe as he learned.  He innovated by learning over rivers, so that if he fell, he would fall into […]

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