Podcast: Dancing the talk
  • Photo found at Bensound.comIn this podcast, we speak to Kiran Gulrajani, who challenges us to take a lighter and more exploratory approach to living out our values in our work.

    We had the pleasure of hosting him and his CoEvolve colleague Rohit Sasvehalli at our home during their recent visit to South Africa. Our intention was to record this podcast during their stay, but we found ourselves distracted by more exciting endeavours like scenic drives up the coast and whale watching.  So a couple of weeks later I caught up with Kiran via Skype at a cafe in Northeast India.


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    January 20th, 2013 | Podcast | 1 Comment

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  • Kiran Gulrajani 01.20.2013

    Its amazing how this happened, dear Tana.. From a noisy net cafe in Kalimpong (North-east India, near Darjeeling, it was- not South) .. when I was visiting Sufii, my little angel. You have crafted and edited this beautifully.

    I remember I wrote this note which spoke to you and resulted in this many years ago:

    ‘Letting go of Walking your talk.. so as to dance’

    Which has spoken to many and to me again and again as my inner critic tries to get the better of me even now, tho’ it has become gentler- or maybe lesser since those days!

    Recently, a dear young friend was coaching me and we discovered that everything that the world calls a handicap is also a strength. Everything that the mind seems to see as a curse is also a blessing. Every darkness also reveals light.

    More specifically, I could see that what I have been beating myself up about – being distracted (ADD) – can be also turned around and seen as an art. As my coach (who is also my “student”- since its all about co-evolution! ;-)), Shiva acknowledged that he has benefited much from learning from me to distract himself from extreme, and often painful focus! 😉

    When we can truly love what is.. what is truly loves us.. and celebrates us..

    Because who we are is a song of Is-ness, of that out of which everything is born.. how can the mother not love her child..

    Journeying with Rohit and Dola and many other friends.. has also taught me much. In this realm.

    This captures it very well also:

    “Don’t resonate with something in your reality, and like to get rid of it?

    Then don’t push it away, simply love it to death, literally, and it will stop appearing in your life unless you still desire to learn greater unconditional love from its presence.

    When your love for something that is out of alignment with your preferred reality is total, it disappears from view.”

    – Bentinho Massaro

    Hope to see you in your part of the woods.. sooner than the mind can imagine and the heart can discover!

    Hugs to you and Renne..

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