Taking the revolution inward
  • Next in our collection of Taking the Revolution Forward contributors is Aydin Yassemi, who explores the beauty revolutions are capable of manifesting, the mirages they can produce, and the possibilities he sees for their transformation. The insights he shares are rooted in his experience of the Iranian Revolution of 1979 as a young boy, his relationships with former freedom fighters, and the eclectic mix of organizational and community development projects he has been involved in over the years. Click on the photo below to read his reflections.



    Photo from Wikimedia.org

    January 25th, 2012 | Aydin Yassemi | 2 Comments

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  • Jim Prues 01.25.2012

    The possibilities for how we move forward are endless! There are any number of ways for each of us to engage, to think and to be that moves this incredible energy of uprising that is happening all across our planet.

    World 5.0 is the name I stumbled upon several years ago to describe the idea of a new paradigm, a new cultural operating system based on ethics instead of the power of money. Now there’s a book, website and a growing meme that recognizes this is not just a political movement, but a shift in human energy. We are learning to value love over fear and hate, peace over the brash noise of the ego, and the great joy in being together in this living moment. Much more available at the site…

    peace and love

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