Dancing with Zenith Cleaners
  • I was reading through the Zenith Cleaners blog recently and came across a reflection written by our friend Tolu Ilesanmi titled Invitation to the dance. In it he describes the kind of reciprocal relationship he works hard to create with his staff, clients and suppliers.

    I thought I would share it here given how strongly it connects to the giving field, a concept that is very much at the core of our Organization Unbound explorations.

    I also like it because it includes one of my favourite quotes : )

    June 16th, 2011 | Tana Paddock | 2 Comments

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  • Tolulope Ilesanmi 06.16.2011

    Thank you Tana for this. How are you guys doing? By the way, we have someone on board who came to us because she loved your story of working with Zenith Cleaners and she has read a previous blog post about Zenith Cleaners.

    I read the “giving field” again and it is beautiful, very like you and Rennie. It is a gift indeed when everyone regardless of their position or role or whether they are “external” or “internal” in an organization experience the essence of the organization in a unique way. The giving vector then becomes the giving field. The place then comes alive. As you know, I am all for creating that atmosphere in a for-profit environment as in a non-profit environment.

    I love the quote you refer to, Tana.

    Thank you both for continuing to be an inspiration to me.

  • Very cool. Thanks for sharing that!

    Sushrut, the guy from the social enterprise Mop & Hammer in India I introduced you to is experimenting with ways of engaging a broader slice of society in their cleaning efforts. Here they engage volunteers in their regular cleaning jobs: http://hammerandmop.com/blog/care-to-clean/ and here they are branching out to clean the broader community: http://hammerandmop.com/blog/cleaner-country/

    We’ll be sending an update on our lives soon as a few things are still up in the air.

    On a more logistical note, I’ve been trying to activate a plugin that will make this comment section more interactive but can’t seem to get it to work. Have you had any success with your blogs?

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