Organization Unbound presentation in Toronto
  • This week we’re excited to be heading to the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) in Toronto to convene an interactive presentation on the practice of expressive change: Changing the World by Changing Our Organizations.

    We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to our callout and are especially excited that people are coming from so many different types of organizations- grassroots community groups, foundations, churches, university programs, advocacy organizations, arts groups, cooperatives, social enterprises, etc. And the range of issues and communities they touch is equally diverse. It feels as though we’ll have a microcosm of the city’s social change movement in the room with us.

    We will also be meeting up individually with some folks, as well as doing some site visits of different community spaces. If you know a community group you think we would enjoy visiting, drop us a comment or email. We still have a few windows of time available.

    We are imagining that this trip will spark all sorts of ideas and questions and are looking forward to sharing them in future posts…

    March 15th, 2010 | Tana Paddock | No Comments

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