Self-guided learning sessions – new and improved
  • After spending some time beta-testing our self-guided learning sessions with organizations, we’ve come out with these new and improved versions (available in français).

    The sessions were created to help people introduce the concept and practice of expressive change into their organization. Each session is designed for a small group of people within the same organization to do together. You can do them in the order presented or follow your interest and start anywhere. They are free to share and adapt.

    Session 1 – An introduction to expressive change

    Session 2 – Inscaping: a core practice that can help an organization become more expressive

    Session 3 – How inscaping be applied to different aspects of organizational life

    Session 4 – The giving field: how an organization can deepen its practice of expressive change

    Click on the images below to access each session (permanently housed here). For editable versions, email tana(at)


    1-An introduction


    4-The Giving Field3-Inscaping in practice







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