• Burnout & organizational mindfulness

    Burnout & organizational mindfulness

    October 3rd, 2017 | Expressive Change | Alessandra Pigni | No Comments

    We hope you enjoy this conversation with Alessandra Pigni, author of “The Idealist’s Survival Kit. 75 Simple Ways to Avoid Burnout”, a light and inviting exposé on what is causing the high rate of burnout in the field of humanitarian aid and activism and ways of addressing it: “I no longer believe that meditation and self-care are enough. It can certainly be a starting point. It was for me. But we can’t stop there.”

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  • A personal journey to a new way of working

    A personal journey to a new way of working

    September 21st, 2017 | Expressive Change | Peter Brownell | No Comments

    Over the course of a year I had been trying to find ways to encourage my team to self-organise. We created roles, adopted structured meeting formats, had many discussions. We made progress, but nothing significant changed. Over the course of this work I found that the problem was not them… it was me.

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  • Listening to the head, heart & feet

    Listening to the head, heart & feet

    July 25th, 2017 | Expressive Change | Cristina Temmink | 1 Comment

    For inscaping to be a robust organizational practice, we need to refine our listening skills so that we learn to listen at an experiential level. Listening with the ‘head, heart and feet as described by the Barefoot Guide Connection is a very helpful tool to practice this. It helps us to listen ‘between the lines’ and ‘beneath the main text’, to hear not just what people are saying, but what they are trying to say or […].

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  • 5 reasons to build a network of small groups, rather than a mass movement of individuals

    5 reasons to build a network of small groups, rather than a mass movement of individuals

    June 29th, 2017 | Expressive Change | Richard D. Bartlett | No Comments

    Long term human survival depends on us replacing the status quo with a fundamentally different set of behaviours and structures. I believe the root of that challenge is essentially cultural, and the best place to grow culture is in small groups.

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  • In memory of Tolu

    In memory of Tolu

    June 14th, 2017 | Expressive Change | Warren Nilsson & Tana Paddock | 2 Comments

    Now and then someone comes to visit this planet and, finding it a bit dusty and forlorn, rolls up his sleeves and gets to work. When you meet him on the road, right away you feel yourself becoming kinder and wiser. You see more light around you. And you want to say thank you but you’re not sure how.

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  • Crowd-sustaining Organization Unbound

    Crowd-sustaining Organization Unbound

    June 9th, 2017 | Uncategorized | Tana Paddock | No Comments

    At the top of our minds these days is the question of how to financially sustain Organization Unbound so that it can grow into the community of practice it is yearning to be, with a deeper and wider impact across the globe. We’ve been exploring this question with many people over the past year. Out of these conversations has emerged an exciting vision- to crowd-sustain Organization Unbound so that the financial support it receives is gently […]

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  • Pioneering a university degree for organizations

    Pioneering a university degree for organizations

    June 6th, 2017 | Expressive Change | James Taylor | 2 Comments

    Seeking collaborators! We envision creating an entirely new genre of university course, one that recognizes organisations as organisms that learn and as vital sources of innovation. The course will support organisations in making their learning more conscious, systematic and informed and help them draw on the crisis of sustainability present in human and ecological systems as a creative source.

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  • The Organization Unbound giving field

    The Organization Unbound giving field

    May 5th, 2017 | Expressive Change | Tolu Ilesanmi | 4 Comments

    One of the many Organization Unbound ideas that I love is the Giving Field, where giving is not a unidirectional transaction but a field in which all participate, where there is no longer a distinction between giver and receiver, where everyone contributes and benefits continuously. I have experienced the […]

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  • Cleaning in Cape Town

    Cleaning in Cape Town

    January 31st, 2017 | Expressive Change | Tolu Ilesanmi | 5 Comments

    “Cleaning is the process of removing dirt from any space, surface, object or subject, thereby exposing beauty, potential, truth and sacredness.” Ever since I had the above epiphany, I have spoken it countless times in many places. Each time I do, I get washed by it, as the essence of cleaning is invited into the space to do its work. This happened again and again while I was in Cape Town recently for Cleaning workshops and conversations organized by […]

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  • Intimacy


    October 24th, 2016 | Expressive Change | Akaya Windwood | 2 Comments

    It is becoming increasingly clear to me that social change, when done well, is an intimate act. For many years, I was taught to ignore my feelings and intuition, and to develop unassailable plans and irrefutable theories to explain and legitimize my work. These days, I don’t […]

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